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Hello and welcome to DreamGirlsSeattle for the best escort and massage services. We are an escort and massage agency in Seattle that provides our esteemed clients with a steadfast supply of women from different nationalities for companionship, entertainment, pleasures and much more. We are the number one agency in Seattle when it comes to providing you with the dream woman of your choice. Whether a local or a visitor in Seattle, you deserve a great time once in a while and no one offers that best than our esteemed girls. Give us a call today and let’s help you fulfill and satisfy all those erotic desires in you.


We have been in the escort and massage business for years now and understand what is required to deliver a great service. We have a great team that responds to all your queries and gets you your woman very fast. You no longer have to wait at bars for women but in the comfort of your hotel room. We are a legible agency that is registered and pays taxes. You can rely on us to have all your needs and desires sorted. Simply call us the answer to all your erotic needs and desires in Seattle whenever you need an escort.

Our services

We do a lot for our clients apart from providing them with beautiful ladies for their entertainment and pure joy. There is a lot that happens behind the scenes in getting these beautiful women to your hotel room without any hassles. We do a lot of vetting to ensure we have only the best. We go the extra mile of looking up their backgrounds and ensuring we do not send you girls with bad backgrounds.

We further check their health and STDs status ensuring they are clean and healthy. We train them on how to handle various clients and how best to treat a man the right way. You will realize our escorts and masseuses are respectable women who are genuinely interested in making you happy. They are honest and will not steal or harm you in any way. This we do to ensure our clients are safe and happy.


We train them on the importance of professionalism so that they never tell you no matter what. It does not matter your status in the community, and our girls will ensure your identity is a secret at all times. They are discreet and deliver a service that only you and her agree on. Everything between the two of you ends when you say and never will they compromise your relationship.

Why choose us

We have the experience and the expertise to get you what you desire real fast. We have a wide array of ladies on our site for you to choose from giving you the diversity you seek in women. We also are among the most affordable agencies in town with good rates giving you good value for your money. Our services are exceptional and available 24 hours a day for the seven days of the week.

Go right ahead and give us a call for any query or complain and we will be more than glad to help you.

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