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Are you looking for the best Seattle escort service? Welcome to DreamGirlsSeattle, your most distinguished Seattle escort service. We offer upscale adult entertainment to satisfy your innermost erotic needs. We rank top among the Seattle escort agency due to our ability to consistently provide you with Seattle escorts that match your taste and preferences. Here at DreamGirlsSeattle, we understand the unique taste and needs of every client coming to our site and the need to treat each one of you differently. Men are always looking for that favorite fruit that suits the needs. However, worry not as we have the answer to your needs. Instead, we will give you a fruit salad so that you to taste all the fruits at once. That is what sets us apart from most Seattle escort agencies. You are in the right place to have all your erotic needs satisfied to the fullest. Give us a call, and we promise you the very best that will make all your fantasies and dreams come true.


Seattle is a progressive and culturally open city where you can meet people from all ethnicities living in harmony. It is a great place to go for a vacation especially if you’re the kind of man that loves girls. We have an elite female escort in Seattle ready to treat you to a moment of your lifetime. Unlike most cities in the United States, nightlife in Seattle started long even before most cities embraced nightclubs. When the sun goes down in Seattle, so does another sizzling experience start in most of the nightclubs here where people love to party all night. Better known as the Emerald City, Seattle is home is one of the best places to live, work and visit. However, there is always something more special to Seattle than just the wonderful life. The women of Seattle are among the most beautiful women in the United States for those looking for some petite female companionship. The Seattle escort agency has been on the rise over the years serving the high number of tourist visiting the city each year. Whenever you land in Seattle, just give us a call, and we will take care of all your innermost desires and wishes. We are the DreamGirlsSeattle escort agency home to the hottest women in Seattle.

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We are the best escort agency in Seattle not because we say so but because we offer an extraordinary service. Our female escorts in Seattle are incomparable. They are the hottest women in the city that will require you to come with your fire extinguisher to be able to put off their fire. They are petite Seattle escort with a great desire to for spending time with men, and we can assure you they will not disappoint. These women have not been just picked randomly but handpicked by us so that you only get the best. We give our clients the very best service, and by this, we mean the hottest female escorts in Seattle that know how to treat a man the right way and give him what he wants without nagging or questioning. We understand that most of our clients are probably married men with kids but looking for that special lady to satisfy their erotic needs and do what their wives would not be willing to do. Just take a look at the beauty on our site and get ready to choose one right away!


All our girls are genuine and with their real and most recent photos so that you get to meet someone you want. We are an honest agency that relies on getting its clients from referrals and will always do our best to provide you with the best Seattle escorts. When choosing our girls, we use a special criterion where we look at the following:

  • The temperament of the girls;
  • The level of education;
  • Ability to socialize with ease;
  • Beauty and perfect body figure;
  • Friendly and easy going girls.

You will soon notice that every Seattle escort on our agency has a unique striking personality. Open their photos and read their profiles to be able to choose one that best suits your needs and desires. These Seattle escorts are here for your entertainment and pure enjoyment. Don’t waste this precious opportunity but instead get that phone out and make an appointment right away. You can always hire any girl of your choice, and we will send her right away to your hotel room. Give us your hotel name and room number and just wait for the knock from a goddess.

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The Diversity of our girls

The diversity of our girls is something that stands out and makes us the best Seattle escort agency. Just take a look at the girls on our site and see the different ethnicities on offer. These Seattle female escorts are here just for you and waiting for you to give them a call. We believe in the diversity of the universe hence the reason we provide you with diverse escorts for you to hire. Who is your ideal woman? Perhaps you would want to go to the Far East and hire a young petite Asian escort? We have the Asian escort in plenty and never run short of girls. Our Seattle escorts come from different nationalities making us the most diverse escort agency in Seattle. Here are some of the categories of women in our agency:

Any that makes your heart miss a beat? Of course, there is that one special category of woman you’ve dreamt of spending time with in your life. This is your chance to get her and have everything you ever desired in her without any compromise. Make an appointment today, and we will send her directly to the comfort of your hotel room or place of residence.

Why hire the Seattle escorts?


Seattle escorts from the DreamGirlsSeattle agency are women willing to go the extra mile to make their clients happy. They are the real deal, and no man should have an excuse not to hire. Life is too short to just limit yourself to one woman or one experience in your life. It is time you let loose and get to explore what the world out there as to offer. They are no better way to explore the pleasures of the world other than by hiring a Seattle escort from us. They are the best and know how to treat a man like a king. You will remain thankful you read this post and took the initiative to make an appointment. For once in a lifetime you deserve a woman who treats you like a real man and submits to your requests with easy. Hiring a female escort in Seattle should not be a big deal. In fact, you should be asking yourself where and who to hire and not if to hire. We have shown you our girls who are the best in Seattle. Why not go right ahead and make an appointment right now.

Staying lonely in Seattle is not an option with the Seattle escort ready and willing to treat you to a memorable experience. You will never get another better chance to experience what an elite female escort in Seattle is capable of doing behind the closed doors of your hotel room. Whether in Seattle for business or leisure, a Seattle escort is here to make your stay in the city more settled. She will make you feel at home acting as your tour guide everywhere you go. She will then turn out to be the perfect partner as the sun goes down giving you all the pleasures you desire without any limitations. Here are top reasons to hire a Seattle escort right away:

  • Seattle escorts help you settle into the city and feel at ease with everything around you. They can show you to some of the favorite eating spots and entertainment centers where you can have fun together;
  • A Seattle escort will take away the loneliness and boredom from you replacing it with moments of pure joy where you’re ever jovial to her conversations;
  • A Seattle escort will help you feel like a local and not be asking questions wherever you go. They will tell you everything you need to know about certain places even before you get there;
  • A Seattle escort will bring the best in you with their looks and dressing. They are flexible women who know how to dress to impress and will for sure be the center of attraction giving you confidence and self-esteem;
  • You can be assured of getting a good treat from our female escorts in Seattle who knows where to touch and press to get you mourning with pleasures.

There are just several reasons to make you hire a Seattle escort right away. No matter you look, we at DreamGirlsSeattle stand out as your leading escort agency to serve you in the best way possible. There is nothing to lose, but instead, you stand to gain so go right ahead and make an appointment with any of these beautiful Seattle escorts on our site now.

The night of a lifetime


The night of a lifetime experience is something that our girls are well known for in Seattle. There are those who look to hire the Seattle escort for a brief moment like an hour or two, and there are those who need the girl for the entire night. The choice usually comes down to what you want to experience and how long you’re spending in Seattle. Both experiences are great but then a whole night with our girl(s) will be an extraordinary one. (I’m saying, girl or girls, as you’re at liberty to even hire two at the same time. After all, when will you ever get to enjoy a threesome with gorgeous ladies that know how to pamper a man the right way?). Your night of a lifetime with our DreamGirlsSeattle escorts does not just at night, but the moment you decide to hire our Seattle escort.

Your ideal escort girl will arrive at your hotel room just as agreed looking sexy and smart. Go right ahead and welcome her as a gentleman should do and offer her a drink. You can then get to know each other clearing the air and feeling at ease with each other. Depending on what you want, you can choose to have some relaxing moment together with your Seattle escort in the bathtub or just cuddle on the bed. It is always nice to treat your Seattle escort well for her to reciprocate the experience later in the night. Take her out for some romantic dinner where you can talk more and get to know each other more. You have nothing to worry as our girls are honest and real and will never steal or harm you in any way. A romantic dinner at any of the restaurants in Seattle will be just fine. From there, you can choose to have a drink with her in the many Seattle bars or nightclubs. Your Seattle escort will show you to some of the best spots to have a drink. Buy her the drink of your choice and together have fun as you create the mood for what is to be the best night in your life. This is your best chance to dance with your Seattle escort and even get feel her closely. By the time it gets to midnight, you can call it a day and head back to your hotel for the very night you’ve been waiting for in your life.

I really don’t have to go ion explaining what a Seattle escort with zero inhibitions can do for you in the privacy of your bedroom. It is an experience of a lifetime and one you will cherish your entire life. You will be treated to the most enjoyable pleasurable moments where our girls take you to the climax of your orgasm before giving you a break to relax and recover your energy. This will be a night you will forever remember in your life. Our DreamGirlsSeattle escorts are confident women that never shy away from doing anything. This is the time to bring on those silly requests you wish to enjoy but lacks the guts to ask your wife or girlfriend. Our girls will not mind going the extra mile and fulfilling every request you give them as they are there for your pure enjoyment. Savor in every minute you spend with her and get to enjoy every act se delivers. You will wake up the next day feeling great and superb from what our girls gave you the previous night. We know you would love to enjoy a similar experience but maybe why not plan to hire a different girl as diversity in our agency is the way of life.

Why our Seattle female escorts are the best


Our Seattle female escorts are the best and rightfully so with characteristics every man would want in a woman. There is a reason we have been rated as the best escort agency in Seattle. We only handpick the most beautiful girls from all around the globe only for you. First, our girls are reliable and honest. We usually do the hard work of checking their backgrounds for you and only give you what is ready to be consumed. They will never steal or harm you in any manner, and their only interest is entertaining you. In fact, most of our girls don’t work as escorts just because they have nothing else to do. You will be surprised to find out that most of the Seattle escorts on our DreamGirlsSeattle agency are highly educated girls with degrees in various fields and with opportunities to do top corporate jobs but still, choose to work as escorts. It is a job they love and do it with passion making them an ideal choice for any man who wants a great companion.

Our girls are not only beautiful but also have the brains. They are the kind of women you will love to accompany you to any social event always bringing the best in you. They know how to put on a good act and can get you out of an awkward situation. They are flexible and can be anything you want them to be. Are your boys holding a college or high school reunion and you want to show them how to roll? Why not go ahead and hire our Seattle escort. They know how to put on a good act and impress the boys making you the topic of discussion among your friends. Other girls will envy you as you roll with the most beautiful women with striking personalities. You will never go wrong hiring any of our DreamGirlsSeattle girls for whatever event in the city. They can dress sexy or in a simple church girl dress and be the fiancé your parents have been forcing you to show them. Make the right choice today and hire a female Seattle escort for a moment to treasure and cherish. Here is what makes our Seattle escorts extraordinary:

  • Our Seattle escorts are confident women who can do anything you ask them willingly. They are flexible women with zero inhibitions and always happy to try new things out with you.
  • They are beautiful and blessed with some of the most sumptuous body figures in the whole of Seattle and its environs.
  • Our Seattle escorts are passionate about what they do and do it wholeheartedly delivering an exceptional escort service.
  • They are professionals in what they do and will always protect the client privacy protection. Your identity is safe with our girls who kiss and never tell.
  • Our girls will not call you afterward but let the door open for you to call them as they don’t want to cause any issues in your relationship. The short stint you had with her ends the moment she goes, but you can always come back for more.
  • Our Seattle escorts are experts in treating a man the right way. They know what men come looking for in escorts and will always do their best to give it to you without any queries.
  • The Seattle escorts are mature women who don’t question or nag their clients but instead treat them to a wonderful time that they will live to remember.

You will hear hundreds of good things about our DreamGirlsSeattle escorts, but that does not mean you will enjoy it by staring at the beautiful images of our girls on our site. You need to take the next step and make all those imaginations a reality y booking her right now. We will send her right to your hotel room in minutes where it will be all actions and no talk.

Why hire from us?


Hire from us today, and you stand to benefit a lot. We are not the best escort agency in Seattle by mistake but because we offer an exceptional service that meets our customer demands. We have been in the escort business for years now and understand what it takes to get our clients happy and satisfied. A willing Seattle escort with the passion for treating you and the experience for pampering you with pleasures. We have them in plenty and only waiting for you to make the call.

Make it happen for you today by hiring from our DreamGirlsSeattle agency today. Here are some of the benefits you stand to gain when you make your escort booking through us:

  • Affordability: We might not be the cheapest agency in town, but sure we are affordable. Our exceptional escort service is not compromised due to our cheap rates. We can assure you good value for your money where you get more than what you bargained;
  • Honest and reliable girls: Our girls are honest and reliable having been vetted by us and their backgrounds checked. You can enjoy your time with her without the worries of ever losing your valuables or being harmed;
  • We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week making us the most reliable escort agency in Seattle;
  • Our Seattle escorts are diverse and suit of our clients.

Go right ahead and let DreamGirlsSeattle make it happen for you. Book from us today and get to enjoy a moment to remember and cherish in life.

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